About Us

Accelebator Pte Ltd is a Consultancy firm based in Singapore and have special interests in:

  • Accelerator / Incubator
  • Skills Development Systems
  • Business Connection We currently focus on emerging markets in Asia, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China and India.

Vision. Mission. Objectives

Accelebator’s Vision is to form value nodes across Asia, moving programs, partners, entrepreneurs and businesses between these value nodes and to the rest of the world.

Our Mission to form a community of partners, businesses, organizations, institutions and associations that support the vision of Accelebator; making each value node an ecosystem in itself One of our Objectives is to help fulfil Pak Darmono’s (Jababeka Chairman) vision of 100 Cities by creating a “Skills City” within every City that Jababeka develops.

The other objective is to empower more people to embrace entrepreneurship; and to form a network of entrepreneurs, with Singapore and Indonesia as the main value nodes (linking to other cities/nodes)